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Grand Re-opening of Piston Diner – Westville, NJ

Remember the news late on March 6th, 2013 that a front loader construction vehicle drove into a diner and wrecked the place with it all caught on video? To refresh your memory and to see the video again or for the first time provided by 6 ABC Action News CLICK HERE for the link to’s story.

Well in the story they said they hoped re-open within a month. That was a very optimistic estimate as we are now five months away from the incident, but they have stated they will be back up and running tomorrow August 5th, at 7am sharp.

Were you there before the incident?

What did you think of their food?

Do you expect to go there now?

Either way if you want to check them out, the Sunday August 4th edition of South Jersey Times newspaper has an advertisement and coupon offer for 20% off your entire bill that expires on August 11, 2013. Be sure to stop by, tell them told you they were open again, support a local business who I am sure is in need of their local community’s support after such an accident, and help those who work there get back on their feet after losing out on a paycheck for five months.


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