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Kurth’s Seafood – Philadelphia, PA

Kurth’s Seafood – Philadelphia, PA

Kurth’s Seafood (KS) has been in its North Philadelphia location since 1936. I can only imagine the changes this neighborhood as well as every other neighborhood in Philadelphia have seen throughout the years. Sadly, time has not been kind to the blocks surrounding KS. KS sits in a not so nice part of town, but thankfully they are an easy exit and return to Broad Street to visit them. Just make sure to go on the right day as they are only open Wednesday to Saturday only.

KS is as plain as it comes on the interior. No seats, this is a take-out only establishment. A few old scales hang from the ceiling to weigh the seafood, a white counter surrounding the place, and two large refrigerators holding all the food. That is all that encompasses KS. They could use a little spruce up and dusting, but who am I to second guess a business that has been doing well since 1936 without my advice.

The specialty at KS is fried seafood. In fact, it is the only option at KS. From cracker-crusted fried shrimp, flounder, oyster, to scallops which is what I ordered. Everything is breaded fresh by hand daily and comes with fresh cut french fries.


I ordered my scallops and fresh cut fries with salt, pepper, and a light dash of hot sauce on them both. They put just the right amount of all three making my dish delicious on so many levels. The portion size was generous and scallops were cooked perfectly. They were moist yet firm, separated nicely with each bite, and just melted in my mouth. The fries were out of this world. I can not believe the quality of french fry a little hole in the whole place like KS is producing. My only wish is that every restaurant would make a visit to KS just to see how easy and worthwhile it is to have fresh cut fries instead of just buying the cheapest frozen french fries available. For what KS lacks in ambiance and decor, they elevate themselves above the rest in the fresh product they are serving.

It is such a shame that KS sits in a depressed part of town. I am sure if they were situated in the heart of Center City, they would be on every foodies must have to go list. Besides location and decor, the only thing holding back KS slightly for me is by only offering fried products. I normally like my seafood grilled, but for those occasions I want something fried, KS is certainly worth the trip especially just for they fresh cut french fries and how affordable they are.


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