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Jake’s Sandwich Board – Philadelphia, PA

Jake’s Sandwich Board – Philadelphia, PA

Jake’s Sandwich Board (JSB) is one of those spots in Philadelphia that seem to have a love/hate relationship with the citizens of this town due to our affection of sandwich shops. You could ask ten different people who their favorite sandwich shop is and you could possibility come up with ten different answers with all ten people willing to die by who they think is the best and that anyone else who thinks somewhere else is better is an idiot. I do not claim one place superior to another, but I do think it is easier to breakdown some places by whom they serve. Some places cater to tourists because they have seen the place on television, others for office workers to get a quick bite, a few blue collar joints for the construction crews, and the hidden and little known hot-spots for the locals.

With the complex relationship Philadelphians have with sandwiches, JSB seems to mix all the categories I mentioned into one somehow. This aspect of JSB alone intrigued me. I am not well versed with JSB on what everyone says is their claim to fame, but I certainly was looking forward to giving them a try. I ordered the Megillah which is 1/2 brisket, 1/2 smoky grilled bacon with sriracha ketchup and sharp provolone on a seeded roll with a side order of Farm Fries which came with pork gravy, bacon and sharp provolone.

jake sandwich

The meal was a little bit of having too much of a good thing. The farm fries were good as the gravy really brought out a nice flavor to them, but with my sandwich having so much bacon and provolone cheese it was redundant flavors and slight overkill. The roll was sturdy enough to hold my sandwich and is always a plus to get a seeded roll somewhere and the brisket had a nice texture and consistency throughout. Either item on their own would have been a good meal, but ordering these two together was a bad choice by me.

JSB is in no way to blame for my ordering mistake. The service was efficient, location clean, and prices reasonable. I liked the variety of things they offer and I look forward to going back again to try something else. Every meal can not be a winner, especially if the person ordering does it incorrectly. JSB for their part provided a good roll for a hefty sandwich, brisket that was cooked well, fries flavored with a nice pork gravy, and a more than large enough serving of bacon and provolone to go along with my meal. I can see why they are as poplar as they are as they really do provide a cross-over appeal and experience for anyone to enjoy. Now I just have to find that perfect combination for me to sing their praises like so many other people do.


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