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Percy Street Barbecue – Philadelphia, PA

Percy Street Barbecue – Philadelphia, PA

I am wondering if Percy Street Barbecue (PSB) is what it is like to join Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov for a backyard feast of barbecued meats. Sitting on the famed South Street in Philadelphia, PSB has a warm feel and smokey aroma abound inside. As much as I would have loved to dine-in as I did not realize the menu differs from dine-in and take-out, a take-out order rack of ribs and side of pinto beans is what the doctor ordered as I was pressed for time.

percy st

The ribs were tasty, with a nice texture and bite and enough smoke throughout the meat that I decided to eat them with no sauce. I was happy to see the sauce came on the side as too many places slather sauce to hide subpar meat or cooking technique. While not the best ribs around, they are priced competitively and are better than most. The pinto beans were very nice with a smooth yet spiced flavor with a kick profile and nice pieces of brisket throughout. I would definitely get them again.

PSB is a nice take-out for bbq and an even nicer night out on the town if you decide to eat there. They have been around quite some time and with such talent like Steven Cook and Michael Solomonov overseeing the operations, I have confidence they will continue to be a good choice whenever you have a craving for bbq.



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