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Wong Wong (Chinatown) – Philadelphia, PA

Wong Wong (Chinatown) – Philadelphia, PA

There is a certain element to a restaurant mostly surrounded by glass. It makes me feel as though they have nothing to hide and do not feel ashamed of what they have going on inside their establishment. Well that is exactly how Wong Wong (WW) is setup. Walking or driving through Philadelphia’s Chinatown district you cannot help, but to notice WW with their corner building having panes of glass with various animals hanging from hooks showcased in the windows. I would stop in for a quick, cheap, and basic lunch special of Chicken Peking Style with Fried Rice.

wong wong

This was one of the less adventurous choices at WW, but sometimes you just want the basics and WW provided just that. The chicken’s exterior was nice and crisp, but unfortunately was dried out on the inside showing it was overcooked which was a shame as the sauce had a nice tangy sweet flavor to it. The fried rice was decent, but not by far the best being served in Chinatown. WW excelled at giving me a very affordable lunch served quickly after my order was placed and for that I was pleased. They have plenty of other things that caught my eye on the menu and I will not hesitate to go back there again.



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