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Pamcakes a Philly Cupcakery – Philadelphia, PA

Pamcakes a Philly Cupcakery – Philadelphia, PA

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Sitting in a tiny storefront on South 20th Street is Pamcakes a Philly Cupcakery (PAM). The store is tiny and cute with the interior giving just the right amount space between display and standing around. The service was friendly and upbeat. Asking for recommendation of something little and sweet, I was directed to the strawberry cupcake, so that is what I went with.

pamcake cup

PAM’s variety of strawberry cupcake was strawberry cream cheese filled strawberry and butter cream topped. It was good, but did not wow me. It was better than your standard variety of cupcakes and was reasonably priced, but after the height of the cupcake trend when Philadelphia sported a lot more cupcake stores that have long gone out of business, I have had better. Even though I have had better, PAM most be doing something right to remain around with so many places having closed they seem to have weathered the storm. That alone shows they are better than the rest in a way all their own and I will gladly return to try a different flavor.



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