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The Boyler Room – Philadelphia, PA

The Boyler Room – Philadelphia, PA

Sitting in the spot where the former spot to catch a soccer game on TV, Blarney Bar, is now The Boyler Room (BR). It does not seem like a very large renovation was done and I would consider BR still in the dive bar category. BR does have many drink specials like a shot and beer for five dollars or have lunch there and your second beer is free. The food selection is very limited, which is fine, provided it is good. I would go with the burger with mushrooms, onions, bacon, and American cheese to go along with an order of gravy fries.


The burger was a tad over well done and the bacon was WAY over done and mostly burnt. The bun was your standard variety and the fries were a very nice shoestring variety and cooked nicely, but I was very disappointed to only get two tiny weeny baby cups of gravy for my order. I would have rather had them drenched in gravy to begin with or give me a much larger cup. By the looks of things, BR is more of a spot to visit for a beverage as opposed to something to eat as I was the only patron with food. With that being said those drinking seemed to be having a good time with some good deals to go along with their drinks. Now only if they can give as much attention to their food then maybe next time I will not be the only person there for a meal.




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