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Little Negril – Cherry Hill, NJ

Little Negril – Cherry Hill, NJ

One of the major reasons I enjoy living in the Philadelphia/South Jersey so much is the amount of food variety. No matter what I am craving, for the most part it can be solved usually within a thirty minute drive in any direction. Well Little Negril (LN) was the winner of a craving as I found myself in the Cherry Hill area and wanted Jerk Chicken.



Well I got jerked indeed. When I have a craving, I really want something, so I ordered jerk wings to go along with a jerk chicken platter. The service was slow, but LN was jammed packed at lunchtime with patrons, not a seat to be had after I sat down, and only one waitress. She was extremely pleasant, but certainly overwhelmed with the duty which is not her fault. If this is the regular amount of people coming to LN, they certainly need to hire more staff, but maybe everyone got hit with the jerk chicken bug the same time I did and the overflow was a fluke. The wings were nice and meaty and just the way I like them. The platter was fabulous as well as the cabbage, rice, and plantains were all delicious, but oddly the chicken in the platter was a bit dry. I enjoyed my visit at LN even with my longer than anticipated lunch due to the crowd and slow service, and would defiantly go back whenever I am in the area with a craving for Jamaican again.

Update 6-18-16

Went to Little Negril for dinner, and the meal was spot-on perfect. Everything was cooked just the way it should be, chicken was moist, and the service was also a step up as well as three servers were there that night busily working and efficient.

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