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Burger 21 – Voorhees, NJ

Burger 21 – Voorhees, NJ


The burger crazed days of the past few years has seemed to die down as well as the herd starting to thin a few of the places closing down. In the Voorhees area I was craving some red meat, so Burger 21 (B21) was my destination to eat. B21 is a chain, but not that large of one. The interior is sleek and modern, the staff was very friendly and bubbly, and service was fast and efficient. I would go with the BBQ bacon burger with Applewood smoked bacon, with cheddar cheese, onion strings, and bbq sauce on a toasted brioche bun. I would also get an order of shoestring fries with their cheese and ale sauce accompanied by a bananas foster milkshake.



As much as I try to avoid chain restaurants, I will admit some of them are not “too” horrible. Well, I am here to declare that B21 was not horrible at all, and instead was quite tasty and delicious. They are not as good as another higher head burger chain I enjoy, but B21’s prices are nearly fifty percent cheaper than said “other” place. Now B21 did have a few hiccups. The roll fell apart much too quickly and the cheese cup being a tad tiny. These were minor, and with that being said B21 is putting out a decent product, an enjoyable environment to eat at, and quality service all at an affordable price point. This was my first visit to B21, but it certainly will not be my last.



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