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Ming Kui Lau Chinese Restaurant Buffet – Brooklawn, NJ

Ming Kui Lau Chinese Restaurant Buffet – Brooklawn, NJ


There are not many surprises when it comes to buffets. They are usually set up like this; lots of food, nothing too experimental, lukewarm, no high end cuts of meat or seafood, and pretty basic setup and slightly dated décor. Well check all the above for Ming Kui Lau Chinese Restaurant Buffet (MKLC).


MKLC has all the standard items and a few more, but the service is where they shined. Greeted warmly as you pay, with quick cleanup of plates and refills of drinks were a nice touch at MKLC, all the while being very affordable and one of the cheaper Chinese buffets around. If you are in the area and want to eat a lot, not break the bank, and feel welcome, MKLC is a good fit to do just that.