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Jackie’s Joke Hunt

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May 15th, 2012

What an amazing show! Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling, an icon that since the inception of this country has unbelievable encompassed twenty-five percent of America’s comedic history in his lifetime, was on the top of his game as usual. How he puts on such a quality program time and time again is beyond me, but you do not become a legend by only being great half the time.

Joining in on the “bed-brouHaHa” joke themed show was quick witted and tremendously talented co-host Ian “Mckean” Karr providing hilarious antidotes throughout, producer extraordinaire and hockey aficionado Jim McClure, from Ocean Productions one of New York’s premier producers and talent manager Sean Dalton (info CLICK HERE), rock and roll savior Salvatore Scoca of the great band Sweet Cyanide (info CLICK HERE), and I am sad to say and so sorry to admit I do not remember anything else about the other person except that his name was Al.

The hour there felt like seconds, but I left with an experience of a lifetime. If you did not get a chance to hear the show last night, be sure to catch a repeat this Thursday at midnight, Sunday at 4pm, or keep an eye out for Jackie’s Joke Hunt episode 276 in the future and let me know how you thought Bluejeanfoodcritic did.

I would like to give a big thanks to everyone involved, hope my appearance added something positive to the show, and was treated to a fantastic dinner with the crew at New York’s famous Carnegie Deli (Picture of sandwich called Woody Allen provided below). Stay tuned for announcements regarding Bluejeanfoodcritic’s press coverage at Philadelphia Comic Con.

The Best Joke Ever Told

Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling


Comedy legend Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling put on a sold-out show at the Hyatt Regency in Princeton and showed no sign of rust or slowing down with side splitting entertainment from start to finish. He is the reason many people listened to The Howard Stern Show for fifteen years, until 2001. The argument since his departure is if the show is better or worse and it has never been properly resolved. Still eleven years after leaving, the location he sat in the studio is still referred to as Jackie’s chair, so that alone proves the contributions and undying influence he holds there even today.  He currently has ties to Howard Stern again on Sirius – XM satellite radio channel Stern 101 airing a live comedy show every Tuesday at 7pm.

After putting on a spectacular two hour comedy show Jackie Martling opens the show up to the audience for Stump The Joke Man. This is no easy task as Jackie Martling is world renowned for being the man who knows every one-liner joke ever told. By performing Stump The Joke Man, he puts this talent on display by either embarrassing members of the audience who dare him to know their joke or literally putting his money where his mouth is by betting the person who asks the joke for a bet of their twenty dollars for his one hundred dollars that he will know the punch line.

One by one audience members tried to beat Mr. Martling’s challenge with each one going down in flames worse than the person before them. That was until the Bluejeanfoodcritic stepped to the plate. Not only am I a coinsurer of great food, I have been known to have a quick wit and sarcastic humor that lightens any mood. Putting my other talent on display, I yell out my joke. Mr. Martling yells out a response, but lo and behold it is the wrong one. The Bluejeanfoodcritic goes head to head with the world’s best and prevails. I am handsomely rewarded with the personally autographed item shown below, and leave the only winner.

If you want to know the joke that was told, friend me on or just click the like icon to the right on this webpage and I will personally send it to you as it is not appropriate language for this website.