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Just Peachy Salsa

Just wanted to let everyone know of a great event and product now available for purchase at the Collingswood Farmer’s Market every Saturday. The Food Bank of South Jersey had a party to show off their Just Peachy Salsa made by Campbell’s Soup, that is an out of this world tasting salsa out of peaches that supermarkets refuse to sell and would otherwise have just been thrown in the garbage or dumped in landfills allowing no food to go to waste and for the Food Bank of South Jersey to receive precious funds out of this project to feed the hungry. They also held a competition to see who could make the best dish out of peaches with over ten restaurants competing. The entire event was a success with Aunt Berta’s Kitchen out of Oaklyn, NJ winning the competition having made three unbelievably tasty peach dessert dishes.

Pictured below is proof of me voting for Aunt Berta’s, showing that I always have the winning taste buds when it comes to me saying who has the best food, while wearing my “I Stumped Jackie The Joke Man” T-shirt also proving I have some the best jokes as well since I stumped The Joke Man, and jars of Just Peachy Salsa that you must buy ASAP!!!!!!


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