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The Twenties Restaurant – Atlantic City, NJ

The Twenties Restaurant – Atlantic City, NJ


Situated inside of the Claridge Hotel is The Twenties Restaurant. This is like a trip back in time going here with all of the 1920’s themed décor and the view of the beach while dining is stunning. I had breakfast there and it was a pleasant surprise to find scrapple available. Below is what I had:

Two eggs over easy, home fries, bacon, scrapple, and rye toast.



Sate Kampar – Philadelphia, PA

Sate Kampar – Philadelphia, PA


Oh man this place is great and fun. It’s even family friendly which is always an added bonus. They really make the little ones feel at home with special plates and cups. Really enjoyed my meal here. Pictured is TEH-AIS beverage, coconut rice, jasmine rice, Chicken and Goat SATE KAJANG, Pork and Chicken SATE MELAKA, and RENDANG DAGING that was AWESOME!!!! Will be back here for sure.

La Polpetta – Deptford, NJ

La Polpetta – Deptford, NJ

This is a cozy and intimate restaurant away from the main Deptford Mall area. Nice friendly and family like service, and I really enjoyed my lunch here. I had the PORKETTE which is braised pork shoulder, broccoli rabe, and sharp provolone. Others in my party had meatballs, and they really enjoyed all the different variety of them.

The Victor Café – Philadelphia, PA

The Victor Café – Philadelphia, PA

This place is legendary and iconic in the Rocky movies as well as an iconic restaurant in Philadelphia for being around so long. The service is great with amazing opera singing and the food is really good as well. No matter your reason to go, you’ll enjoy your visit for sure. I had the shrimp bisque, clams casino (REALLY GOOD), smelts (also really good), Branzino entree, and creme brulee to finish it off. From start to finish a nice time!

Pinto Thong Thai Cuisine – Deptford, NJ

Pinto Thong Thai Cuisine – Deptford, NJ

This place really surprised and delighted me. Located in an old location of a Chinese take-out, they really maximized their space and put in some really cool décor with delicious food. Had a great time here and will be back for sure when in the area. I had the Kanom Jeeb Dumplings which are steamed dumpling with a mixture of ground pork and shrimp served with a homemade sweet soy sauce and vinaigrette, Thai shrimp fried rice that was really yummy, and shrimp Pad Graprow with Thai basil stir fried noodles, garlic, chili, string beans, onion, carrots, and bell pepper.

Habit Burger – Cherry Hill, NJ

Habit Burger – Cherry Hill, NJ

So many places claim to have a great burger. Well Habit Burger sure has a tasty one. The fresh made beverage of Blueberry, Citrus & Mint was a really good beverage to wash down the meal of Bacon Cheeseburger with fries and a side of onion rings. I would go here again. I better watch out though, because I am sure it could become a habit my waistline may regret.

The Iron Room – Atlantic City, NJ

The Iron Room – Atlantic City, NJ

The Phoenix is on the rise again in and around Atlantic City. Almost pushed to the brink a few years ago, Atlantic City has lots of new reasons to visit and even those who have been around awhile are really excelling. Well The Iron Room is one of the ones who have been around a little while, and they are doing wonderful things. I really like the new layout of The Iron Room with a defined bar and dining room area now. I started the night out at the bar enjoying impeccable service with a delicious bourbon that was aged in Vanilla Stout Beer barrels. The great service continued all the way to the dining room where we began with the Chef’s selection of artisanal cheeses and charcuterie. The main course was the special of the night; their take on a French seafood bouillabaisse stew which was PHENOMENAL! To finish it all off was their banana bread pudding topped with a bourbon sauce. If you’re going to AC for a night out or just want to have a decent meal down the shore area, The Iron Room is definitely worth a visit.