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Vitale’s Italian Bistro – Gloucester City, NJ

Vitale’s Italian Bistro – Gloucester City, NJ

This location was sadly closed for quite some time after they suffered an accidental fire. They have finally reopened and the new interior is fresh and modern with a sleek yet nostalgic feel. The menu is classic Italian with some flair. They covered the basics well and the meal was decent and enjoyable. I had the stuffed long hots, clams casino, Gnocchi Special with sautéed shrimp, spinach, and roasted red peppers in a brandy cream sauce, and bananas foster to end the meal. Cost of meal was average while service was friendly and efficient.

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Carolina Blue by J. G. Cooks – Pitman, NJ

Carolina Blue by J. G. Cooks – Pitman, NJ

I have to say that my entire meal here was pretty good. From the she crab bisque, steamer clams, smoked peach wood wings (which were the highlight of the meal and AWESOME, I would come here just for a few beers and wings), and the half rack of ribs with fries and coleslaw. The place was packed to gills with patrons and the service was still fast, attentive, and personable, with a price point that was reasonable. A nice spot to dine really in the middle of nowhere as it comes up quickly to spot in the pitch dark.

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Local Bar and Kitchen – Gibbstown, NJ

Local Bar and Kitchen – Gibbstown, NJ

With a neighborhood watering spot feel and atmosphere it is easy to feel at home here, but where Local  Bar and Kitchen really shines is their wings. Man these wings were delicious. I had the hot and honey wings which were just phenomenal and the Garlic Parm wings that were some the best around. Highly recommend dining or getting a take-out order of wings from Local if in or around the area. I also had their version of Classic Cheeseburger with old bay fries. It did the job of filling me up, but next time I’m just sticking with the wings and trying a few other flavors of wings they have.

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Chubby Cattle – Philadelphia, PA

Chubby Cattle – Philadelphia, PA


Chubby Cattle is certainly an experience to dine at the restaurant with a refrigerated conveyor-belt they combine the age-old tradition of hot pot with a twist and serve premium A5 Wagyu Beef for a unique dining experience. Well you can’t always go in person, so what about take-out? Well that is where things change dramatically. I was told out of the entire menu, only two items are available for take-out. So what did I do? I ordered them both.  They were good, but the thing to do is visit Chubby Cattle in person. Pictured is Wagyu Ya Style Bibimbap and Wagyu Shabu Shabu Don

Pizzeria Beddia – Philadelphia, PA

Pizzeria Beddia – Philadelphia, PA

Named by Bon Appetit one of the best Restaurants of 2019 in America and also named by Time magazine as one of the top 19 best places in the world is a lot to live up to. Well when you serve one of the HOLY SH#! best tasting pizza I’ve ever had, the accolades are well deserved. Best of the World and America? I’m not sure, but the Squash Pizza made 3 ways topped with arugula was hands down an out of body experience regarding pizza and my thoughts on pizza. When ordered, it was the pizza I was least looking forward to eating, but figured I would try the special of the night. The special of the night??? They need this pizza on the menu EVERYDAY!!! I’ve never even been a fan of specialty pizza previously and considered them a gimmick and overdone. I am happy I was proven wrong.


I will say this. They are certainly the best around anywhere as far as specialty pizza is concerned. There are A LOT of great pizza places in Philly that I really enjoy in regards to plain cheese pizza and tomato pie so competition is tough here. Pizzeria Beddia does not disappoint and ranks up there with a great plain pie and tomato pie. This is Philly style pizza done well with the crust, sauce, and cheese you are used to, but better than most.

Again where they excel is taking good quality and high end fresh ingredients and making them shine. By putting roasted onions, crimini mushrooms, and sausage on top of another pizza, it really elevated it and brought it to another level.


They really top it all off with an AMAZING sweat cream soft serve dessert. It was like a heavenly fancy version of Mr. Softee. Perfect and the perfect way to end the meal. The check-in process is a little clunky, but the service and food were top notch. I know to eat there isn’t easy, but if you like pizza they are MUST destination to try. You can even enjoy some good adult beverages while there and who doesn’t like that.


Eden Korean Restaurant – Cherry Hill, NJ

Eden Korean Restaurant – Cherry Hill, NJ

Family run restaurants can be a blessing or a curse. Well Eden seems to be a blessing for not only the family that runs it, but for diners who visit. I really enjoyed my visit there and will certainly go back. The service was efficient and friendly, menu is varied, prices were reasonable, and I left happy. Pictured is the accoutrements of the day, steamed beef and pork dumplings, Soy Garlic Korean Fried Chicken wings, and Bulgogi Dolsot bibimbap.

T & N Homemade Kitchen – Philadelphia, PA

T & N Homemade Kitchen – Philadelphia, PA

What a great spot here. I had the Chicken cutlet with roasted red peppers and sharp provolone and an order of gravy fries. Everything was fresh, and service was friendly.