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The Boiling House – Cherry Hill, NJ

The Boiling House – Cherry Hill, NJ

This is an interesting place with a nice menu filled with seafood selections. The garlic noodles were really good and prices were reasonable for seafood. Pictured is calamari appetizer, garlic noodles, and bowl of shrimp, crawfish, snow crab, dungeness crab, corn on the cob, and red bliss potatoes in the Boiling House Seasoning with a side of hot sauce.


El Negro De Oro – Hamilton, NJ

El Negro De Oro – Hamilton, NJ

This place is a GEM!!! What a find if you have already been eating here, and to everyone else, you need to go ASAP. This is a family run operation serving Ecuadorian cuisine that really hit it out of the park. I started the meal out with the Tostones Rellenos con Hornado that were AMAZING. Delicious pulled pork piled high on a fried plantain topped with marinated red onions and a little salsa. Then the Bandeja Al Negro De Oro which is shrimp, beef, and chicken sautéed in a light cream sauce served with rice, sweet plantains, and salad. This cream sauce was SOOOOOO good. This was quite a surprise and really a flavor explosion in every bite. Also had the Chaulafan with is Ecuadorian fried rice with shrimp, beef, pork, eggs, chicken, and soy sauce. The level of deliciousness that this place is putting out is amazing and the service was so friendly and made me feel at home. I don’t know how I have not heard of this place, but it is on my radar now and I will certainly be back to try more on the menu.

New York City – Winter 2019

New York City – Winter 2019

A blog post doesn’t do New York City justice in the least. There are websites dedicated to the wonders of NYC, thousands of books have been written, and endless amounts of shows available to watch for those interested to learn more. What this post is going to try to do is go give you a glimpse of a fantastic base camp to have an easy to access, affordable, but yet wonderful NYC family oriented weekend and a few places to eat that taste good and won’t break the bank while there for a few days.

We stayed at the Stewart Hotel which is literally just steps outside of Penn Station. They have a variety of rooms to fit every budget while still feeling luxurious throughout the facility and offering every amenity you could possibly need during your getaway. We were lucky enough to stay in their 2 Bedroom Penthouse Suite that has enough room to sleep 8 people, full kitchen stocked with all the utensils, two full bathrooms, large living and dining room area, and a breathtaking view of the New York City skyline overlooking the Hudson River. They even spoiled us with a gracious gift plate of fruits and cheeses, and a award winning bottle of wine. With Stewart Hotel being just steps from Penn Station, almost any destination you are trying to reach in NYC is easily accessible via subway for you to leave the car at home.

The amount of shows to see on Broadway is staggering. Some are better than others, and it is sometimes difficult to find something that the entire family can enjoy. We went to see King Kong on Broadway; and I must admit it was spectacular. Now the Broadway purists may poo-poo this play with the fancy video screens shown for the background at times, a few special effects dabbled in, and nothing new regarding a storyline, but for pure entertainment and excitement you can’t beat King Kong. It is a story that transcends generations and with this new platform to see the story, the producers did a fantastic job to make it still feel fresh and relevant for all who come. The puppetry of King Kong and the emotions and feelings that they were able to portray with the puppet were truly breathtaking and groundbreaking.

As far as good food goes, below are a few decent places that we enjoyed with decent ambiance, quality service, and a delicious meal. Hope you enjoy.
John’s of Times Square – NYC, NY


Sicilian Wings – chicken wings tossed with crushed red pepper, fresh garlic, and rosemary and a Traditional Pizza.
Niles NYC – NYC, NY


Really good French Onion Soup, Filet Mignon with crispy onions, pink peppercorns, mashed potatoes, and grilled asparagus, and Madagascar Vanilla Bean Crème Brulee
Chop Shop II – NYC, NY


Pork Pan-fried dumplings, Half Rack Thai Marinated St. Louis Spare Ribs, and Three Cups Chicken with organic baby chicken, sesame oil, soy sauce, rice wine, and Thai Basil that was REALLY delicious.

Special thanks go to the following individuals for making our stay so wonderful:
Mark Pandaleon – Director of Rooms for Stewart Hotel
Skylar Siminovsky – Assistant Director of Housekeeping for Stewart Hotel
Jessica Muniz – Director of Front Office for Stewart Hotel
Sarah – Front Desk for Stewart Hotel

Peking Buffet – Glassboro, NJ

Peking Buffet – Glassboro, NJ

I needed somewhere quick to eat before a Sunday night visit to Rowan University, and I saw Peking Buffet in passing and decided to give them a try. My expectations for buffet food is pretty low, but I must say this place really hits it out of the park with an extremely affordable price point, variety, freshness, and the overall size of the place. This place is HUGE inside and works like a well oiled machine with almost every type and style of food available to eat on the buffet or stations next to buffet . The Sunday night I visited, they were packed, but trays of food, sushi, hibachi orders and other food just kept on flowing seamlessly. If you’re in the area, you really can’t beat the value and selection here.


Cacia’s Bakery & Deli – Audubon, NJ

Cacia’s Bakery & Deli – Audubon NJ

With multiple locations, Cacia’s is in reach to many in Philly and South Jersey. I used to visit their Ritner St location often, but we all know the kind of nightmare South Philly parking can be. The traditional plain cheese pizza is AWESOME! Give them try instead of your regular pizza shop and you may be happily surprised. They have more than just pizza as well.

Love & Honey Fried Chicken – Philadelphia, PA

Love & Honey Fried Chicken – Philadelphia, PA


Now this place is a tasty treat. Pictures is 6 piece order with Hank’s Soda. It was all delicious and a great spot with quick and friendly service. Will definitely be back!

La Cabana Del Tio Tom III – Vineland, NJ

La Cabana Del Tio Tom III – Vineland, NJ

Oh man, pork is such a delicious treat, and La Cabana Del Tio Tom III is doing it right. I have been surprised this type of food hasn’t caught on more mainstream, but here, a few spots in Camden, and a few in North Philly really do this type of cuisine well. Had the pork stew with yellow rice and peas, and chopped roasted pork with white rice. Topping both of them with the house made hot sauce and washing it all down with Snapple Mango Madness was heavenly.