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La Cabana Del Tio Tom III – Vineland, NJ

La Cabana Del Tio Tom III – Vineland, NJ

Oh man, pork is such a delicious treat, and La Cabana Del Tio Tom III is doing it right. I have been surprised this type of food hasn’t caught on more mainstream, but here, a few spots in Camden, and a few in North Philly really do this type of cuisine well. Had the pork stew with yellow rice and peas, and chopped roasted pork with white rice. Topping both of them with the house made hot sauce and washing it all down with Snapple Mango Madness was heavenly.


DAVID & SONS 322 BBQ – Mullica Hill, NJ

DAVID & SONS 322 BBQ – Mullica Hill, NJ

This place is truly a BBQ gem in South Jersey. By far the best overall meal of BBQ I’ve had in quite some time in South Jersey. The service was top notch, prices reasonable, and the menu is extremely varied compared to a traditional BBQ restaurant. If you are in the area, I highly recommend them. While there I had the Boyland Shirley Temple which went down smooth, triple smoked candied bacon that was AWESOME, bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers, truffled cauliflower gratin, grilled asparagus, and a full rack of ribs. Just a warning though, the parking lot is extremely tiny and not easy to back out of if all spots are full.

Vietnam Palace – Philadelphia, PA

Vietnam Palace – Philadelphia, PA

Such a great place in Philadelphia’s Chinatown district. I had the shrimp & pork rolls with bean sprout, lettuce, mint leaves, rice vermicelli wrapped in fresh rice paper and their salt-battered soft shell crabs lightly battered with salt, pepper & garlic seasonings. Both were delicious.

Joe’s Peking Duck House – Marlton, NJ

Joe’s Peking Duck House – Marlton, NJ

This place is an absolute gem in South Jersey. One of the best Chinese restaurants outside of Chinatown Philadelphia. BEWARE though as they are CASH only. I didn’t know this until the check was served, but they do have an ATM right in the restaurant. Everything I had here was fabulous and delicious. I highly recommend them and their prices are extremely reasonable for the quality that you receive compared to the prices of comparable dishes in Chinatown restaurants. Pictured below is the wonton noodle soup, pan fried dumplings, duck roll, honey roasted pork, Peking duck, pork fried rice, and clams in black bean sauce.

Nick’s Old Original Roast Beef – 2149 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA

Nick’s Old Original Roast Beef – 2149 S 20th St, Philadelphia, PA


Oh boy, its the roast beef combo overboard with long hots and gravy fries. This is a messy delight that your taste buds will thank you for.

Smack Shack – Minneapolis, MN

Smack Shack – Minneapolis, MN


What kind of food do you think of first when you think of Minneapolis? Probably not lobster, but Smack Shack will try to have you change that. Pictured is Connecticut Lobster Roll and it was so yummy. I would eat here again for sure.