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Life isn’t Fare

Fare Restaurant, Philadelphia PA
In Philadelphia’s Fairmount section, sitting in the shadows of the
former Eastern State Penitentiary, famous for housing mobster Al
Capone and holding one of America’s best haunted house attractions
“Terror Behind The Walls” every Halloween season, sits Fare
restaurant. It has a lot going on around it, but does it have as
many great things happening within its walls?
The atmosphere and decor inside Fare are nice, as well as the
service very friendly and attentive. Fare prides itself for
providing diners with its organic, locally grown and sourced
ingredients it prepares meals with. I am all for this movement,
but some places seem to pull this out as an advertisement as a
reason you should eat there, instead of the food being the sole
reason for ones patronage. Unfortunately Fare sided more with it
being an advertisement from my experience.
The burger was juicy, but extremely bland. A few extra spices, or
another blend of meat may be needed to make it worth its $14 price
tag, especially with Philadelphia hosting great burger places like
500 Degrees and Shake Shack offering much better burgers at a much
better price. The bun was perfect in each way, but again the
cheese distracted the experience being overcooked and greasy. The
fries are supposedly made fresh, but mine were so dried out and
overcooked I could have played Jenga with them.
It really is a shame that Fare did not provide a great meal,
because all of the other aspects of the experience were spot on. I
do not know if it is a matter of a menu overhaul or better
execution in the kitchen, but a change is needed in order for them
to last as long as the stories and legends who have visited the
Fairmount area in the past. As Frank Tagliano says in Netflix show Lillyhammer which I can not wait for Season 2, “Life ain’t easy”. Well I am here to say it isn’t Fare either.
Would I go back? Sure for happy hour with friends as the bar area is very nice
Would I order a meal there again anytime soon? Yes, as soon as they relaunch the menu

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