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Scaturro’s Restaurant and Bar

Scaturro’s Restaurant and Bar located in Marlton, NJ

(The following is a special series on written by guest contributing writer Mark Collins for his “The Captain’s Review It Flies Through Me” reviews. He highlights life on the road having to eat out on a daily basis, but also having to deal with a very sensitive stomach that bothers him with every bite. I hope you enjoy his very special perspective on dining out that I am sure some people can relate to and follow him on his exciting and sometimes turbulent journey that is not due to wind shear)

This is not my first trip to Scaturro’s.  Kristie and I have stopped in for drinks on the outdoor patio bar as well as enjoyed dinner with friends.  It has always been a great experience and the food was always top notch.  The reason for my first review was accidentally ordering a dish that I wasn’t expecting….Soft-shell Crabs.  I’m a big fan of crabs and normally go for the all you can eat Dungeness or Snow Crabs, however I have never experiences a soft-shell crab.  Somehow I assumed it was lump crab meat over pasta from a different type of crab.  So my first review comes from a layman perspective.  When my scampi soft-shell dish arrived I was confused and even had to google whether or not I was supposed to eat the shell….is that why it’s called soft-shell…?  Google confirmed and so I dug in.  It was pretty immediate that I couldn’t go through with it….the beady eyes and yellow inside had me taken aback, I just couldn’t go through with it.  When the waitress saw that I hadn’t eaten more then 2 bites of my dish including the pasta she offered me something to replace it, however as mentioned in my profile, I have a very sensitive stomach and had lost my appetite.  This will not stop me from eating larger crabs in the future (as long as I’m cracking them and pulling the meat out) but I won’t be trying soft-shell crabs again.  On a lighter note, Kristie went off of the menu and merged scallops and risotto from 2 separate dishes.  The scallops were cooked perfectly and the risotto was pretty basic, not her favorite but not bad.  The price point on both dishes was $25….not sure where I stand on that yet.  We did share the Creme Brulee which was not very creamy, a little on the chunky side which isn’t ideal for this type of dessert.  On previous trips we have had the Buffalo Mozzarella which is a must try as well as the Toasted Gnocchi from the Appetizer section.  And so the rest of the basics; friendly staff, live music outside, nice outside patio area when it’s not to hot.  The crowd seems to be more mature…for me that means 40 and up.  Now since I didn’t eat more then 2 bites of the meal nothing had to have the opportunity to run through me but I will go back again and maybe stick with the Filet!

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