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Wicked Restaurant and Wine Bar – Cape Cod, MA

Wicked Restaurant and Wine Bar – Cape Cod, MA

Walking into Wicked, it has a bold and adventurous look about it. They tout a fresh and organic tagline for their food, but sadly the only thing exciting about Wicked was the decor. I will say that our server was extremely bubbly and since he formerly worked for one of the towns in Cape Cod, he knows how to deal with tourists and where they should go. He was a wealth of information and was a fantastic server, just too bad the food was not as great as he was.

We came for lunch, and I ordered the Grilled Chicken Sandwich that called for Antibiotic-free sweet, chili glazed chicken breast, served with grilled pineapple on a house baked organic sweet potato roll with fresh cut fries. When I ordered though, I only stated I wanted the grilled chicken sandwich. What came out was a chicken wrap that did not resemble anything I ordered. I mentioned this error immediately and the waiter gracious asked what I was looking for and he stated someone gave me the dinner menu and that both sandwiches are called grilled chicken sandwich in the computer, but computer doesn’t recognize my option until dinner time.

I do not know if what my waiter brought out would have been better, but what started out as a bad omen became one. The roll was as stale as anything I have been served in quite a long time and just fell apart upon touch. The chicken was rubbery and overcooked, the glaze had the taste of something out of a jar, and fries so dried out I think they were trying to serve me potato chip sticks instead thus ruining any resemblance of fresh cut fries. The only saving grace was the pineapple was cooked to perfection and delicious.

It is sad as it looks as if Wicked has a wicked bar scene that they cater to late at night, but they were wickedly bad during my stay. Their claim to fame it seems is their fire grilled pizzas, but I do not see myself heading up to Cape Cod again to give them another try anytime soon to find out. If you want a drink with friends with a nice ambiance, Wicked has a nice bar to sit at, but other than that unfortunately I do not have anything else to say.

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