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Captain Kidd – Cape Cod, MA

Captain Kidd – Cape Cod, MA

With Cape Cod having so many marinas and docks, Captain Kidd (CK) fits in perfectly for any boat lovers pirate persona hidden inside themselves. The charm of CK really sits inside the restaurant which is very large with a happening bar scene and lots of pirate themed decor. I was lucky enough to snag a seat on their waterfront dining area which is one of the nicest waterfront dining areas around the Woods Hole area.

Things started out nicely with their homemade clam chowder. It had a nice texture to it with a decent amount of clam and variety of vegetables making it one of the best I had in Cape Cod.

cap kid chowder


The fun slowed down quite a bit with the main course though. I ordered the Fisherman’s Platter which was all fried seafood and consisted of Cod, scallops, shrimp, and clams. I will start out with the good. The clams were highlight of the dish and I could have eaten an entire plate of just them. The scallops were a good size and cooked nicely leaving them crisp on the outside yet moist on the inside. The fries were just average as they were not fresh cut fries, but better than the dreaded double breaded fry. Now to the portion of the meal I could have gone without. The cod was mushy and inedible and the shrimp was as hard as rocks. I think I could have skipped the shrimp across the water to the other side of the marina. It really was a mixed dish and had a little bit of everything whether good or bad.

cap kid meal

My visit to CK has me thinking this of them. CK is a nice spot for a drink at their bar or a nice bowl of clam chowder or fried clams sitting on their waterfront dining area as a little snack while enjoying the view. I do not think their claim to fame is their food, but what pirate tale did you ever hear of that talked about pirates eating well. I can not think of any, but I can think of many references to pirates enjoying a good drink and that is exactly what you can do at CK to bring your inner pirate out.

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