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#DOAC 1st Ever BBQ Event Press

So just got done judging The Kansas City Barbeque Society and Smoke on the Water Productions 1st ever BBQ in Atlantic City New Jersey. As soon as I walked into the tent to judge I heard all the ladies swoon, whistle, and gasp for breath. At first I thought it was because I shaved and got my hair cut yesterday, but here to find out one of my fellow certified judges today was Joey Fatone of *NSYNC filming an episode of My Family Recipe Rocks for Live Well Network standing behind me. Also sitting next to me judging was Tom Morgan On Sojo one of the best morning DJ’s out there for SoJO 1049. He is going to have the scoop on Joey Fatone this week with interviews and videos of them together so be sure to listen in this week. The event was a smashing success and one of the best I have been to in awhile, and the promoters announced that the prize for this event is going up $50,000 a year until they reach a prize purse of $250,000 making it one of the largest prize amounts ever handed out in competition BBQ. Great job everyone involved, and what a way to#DOAC


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