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Misson BBQ – Glen Burnie, MD

Misson BBQ – Glen Burnie, MD

Concept restaurants worry me. I feel that whenever I step foot inside one, that the concept is usually larger than the food. I am happy to report that at Mission BBQ (MB) the food was just as good as their great concept. It is said that the founders of MB traveled across America sampling the many different varieties of BBQ this great country has to offer in order to provide patrons of MB a little bit of everything BBQ. The concept portion of MB comes in with homage to individuals who serve this country to protect our lives, liberty, homes and community with their interior decor dedicated to honor these professions and a portion of sales directed to various charities of these groups.

mission outside

MB provides each table with a large selection of sauces from each region of BBQ. I tried each and every sauce, and I must admit there was not a bad one in the batch. Half the fun at MB was trying all sauces, and letting every person find what works for them is a great idea. In my opinion, if you go to MB, choose a few different meats and then find the correct sauce for each meat and you could have yourself one of the best BBQ experiences in a long time.

mission sauce

The meal I selected was a half rack of Bay-B-Back Ribs with sides of Baked Beans with Brisket and Green Beans with Bacon. The ribs were simply fantastic. Cooked perfectly with not too much pull on the bone, but also not falling right off of it. Then add the Bay-B Que sauce and it was a heavenly experience. Sadly both bean dishes were not up to par of the ribs though. The green beans were too watery and tasted like canned green beans to me, and the baked beans while having nice chunks of brisket in it, lacked any sort of defining taste to push it over the edge of average. As I have said many times, sides are usually overlooked at BBQ places, but thankfully MB hit all the right spots with the meat. I literally crave the flavor they provided on all fronts of ribs and sauces at MB. Mission Accomplished on the the ribs and sauces fellows.

mission ribs

The staff was very friendly and accommodating throughout my time there from ordering my meal and being thanked for upgrading to the 9-11 tribute cup, to the waitstaff making sure anything I needed was provided. The sides may have been a bump in the road, but I was pleasantly surprised and had a great time. Now my only wish is since they are getting close to Philadelphia with a new MB in York, PA just having their grand opening this Monday, I hope that they make it down soon to the City of Brotherly Love with another MB outpost.

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