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(NO) Mo’s Seafood – Glen Burnie, MD

Mo’s Seafood – Glen Burnie, MD

What comes to mind when you think of the Baltimore, Maryland area? Probably the National Aquarium, the television show “The Wire”, and of course Maryland Crabs. Most people equate crabs with a nationally known brand Phillips Seafood with Baltimore, but many locals sing Mo’s Seafood (MS) as the place to go.

The MS exterior and interior that I visited gave you a feeling that appearance is not their top priority here. The inside is enormous and had a little less than a quarter filled with patrons and entire lower level dining area that was completely empty and dark when I visited. That is fine with me as long as the food picked up the lack of atmosphere and ambiance. Sadly the food was worse then the decor.

The crab-cakes came out and at first glance you think this place is wonderful with how large of a serving of crab cake they provided. Unfortunately the meal was all about size and little about its substance. It was one of the very few times in my life when I wish they would have just gave me the crab-meat without mixing it with anything else as they bastardized this wonderful sweet meat. I do not know if the mayonnaise they used went bad or if some odd combination of ingredients gave the crab-cakes their sour taste throughout and rancid rotten egg aroma that came out of them, but they were flat out awful. To make matters worse, the vegetables were so over cooked, you could barley cut them with a knife and were completely inedible.

mo's crabcake

mo's veggies

For locals to talk about MS and for MS to have multiple locations and be in business as long as they have been, I can only hope I caught them during one of their worst nights ever. Their menu is large and seems like it could have a little bit of something for everyone on their menu, but the question lingers are they any good. Our server was eccentric and energetic singing MS’s praises about how much he loved everything on the menu. I only wish the kitchen put up as much as an effort as he did while working there. I usually like to eat where the locals do, but next time I am in the Baltimore area I may just have to join the throngs of tourists at Phillips Seafood cause I think it will be NO MO seafood from MS for me.

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