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Keg & Kitchen – Westmont, NJ

Keg & Kitchen – Westmont, NJ

Driving down Haddon Avenue it is easier to spot Keg & Kitchen’s (KK) beer kegs sitting on top of their roof than it is to read their curb-side sign which is almost invisible to the naked eye. If you are not looking closely, you can pass KK quite easily. KK’s interior is very warm and welcoming and I can see why they are a favorite among the craft beer crowds that flock here for KK’s many beer themed events and specials. I though, came for the food. First up to start my lunch would be a roasted carrot and fennel soup.

keg carrot

The soup was fantastic. Not too thick with a nice smooth consistency throughout and creamy with a mellow flavor, yet enough flavor to make it a great way to start the meal off. The plating had a little to be desired as it was just splashed into the bowl and was not tidied up before coming to my table with the drips marks on the bowl, but a good soup nonetheless. Next up would be my main lunch entrée Short Rib Sandwich which was one of the better lunch options I have had in quite some time.

keg short

The sandwich consisted of short rib, spicy ricotta, caramelized onions, garlic, and lightly sautéed arugula. The beef just melted in my mouth and was as smooth as silk. The onions were tucked inside, the arugula really shined, and spicy ricotta created a flavor combination that just hit all notes. It was a symphony of deliciousness. The only downfall of my lunch were the supposed hand cut fries. They did not seem at all fresh and were as soggy as a wet paper towel. It really was a shame with everything else being so wonderful. If KK can get the kitchen to perfect a good fry coming out of that kitchen, other lunch destinations better look out. I enjoyed my ten dollar lunch at KK and have spent double that for a far worse meal. With lunch like they serve and a few beers, one may not make it back to office anytime soon if they go to KK and they may be a good thing. 

Four out of Five Stars

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