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Honey’s Sit N’ Eat – Philadelphia, PA

Honey’s Sit N’ Eat – Philadelphia, PA

With the gentrification of South Street west of Broad Street came along Honey’s Sit N’ Eat (HSE) just as a HSE came to North 4th Street with the gentrification of the North Liberties neighborhood many years ago. HSE touts an American comfort food menu with breakfast served all day and dishes heavy on nostalgia with locally sourced ingredients. The crowd the day I visited was quite eclectic and seemed HSE was more of a place where to be seen instead as opposed to what should be eaten. I decided to go with the Patty Melt.


The Patty Melt consisted of a burger with swiss cheese and caramelized onions on marbled rye and a side of fries. The burger was nice, but slightly dry and completely overcooked as it was well done and I asked for it to be medium. The fries also were overcooked in a major way as instead of having the consistency of a French fry they had the feel of potato stix as they were beyond crispy, they were dehydrated and hard.  It was such a shame as the caramelized onions were beyond wonderful. Some of the best I have had anywhere, and  I do not see French Onion Soup listed on their menu, but I would be first in line to try it if they put that quality of caramelized onions in the soup and wonder why more menu items do have them included. The rye was grilled well and had a nice consistency to it showing that the bread was fresh, not overcooked, and holding up well throughout the meal.

HSE had such a high with the onions and such a low with the fries and overcooked burger. What I ordered was basic and there really is no excuse for the way it was executed. The staff seemed a little standoffish to me, but very welcoming to those who were obviously regulars. They were one step up with the onions and many steps back on many other fronts. I would give them another try, but nothing is having me rush back anytime soon.

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