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Rustica Unusual Pizza and Sandwiches (Northern Liberties) – Philadelphia, PA

Rustica Unusual Pizza and Sandwiches (Northern Liberties) – Philadelphia, PA

The Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia has really grown into its own. From shops, to restaurants, to housing it has become one of the “cool” places to be around. With wanting to stay fresh and hip as all my friends think I am, but I just put on a good façade, I figured I would hang around and have lunch while in the area at Rustica (RUS). RUS is a tiny little place on the inside, but they somehow figured how to squeeze in a few tables and chairs. They have a counter showing many of their “Unusual Pizzas” that some seem like a good idea to eat and others not so much, but my order of the day would be the Daskul Panini.


The Daskul Panini consisted of house smoked brisket with brown gravy, roasted long hots, and sharp provolone. It was a nice combination and nice change of pace of sandwich on the menu then you normally see at places that mostly serve pizza. It could have been better possibly if the brisket was chopped as having it pulled style the meat was a little too stringy and created lumps of meat to be pulled out with each bite and could have used a little flavor. The brown gravy gave it liquid to moisten it up a bit, but did little to add any flavor. The long hots were nice, but overpowered the sandwich. Maybe if they added crispy bacon or another powerful ingredient it would balance it out.

RUS indeed has a lineup of unusual pizzas and sandwiches to spice things up whenever you want a little something more than the normal. They could use a little more lighting as the ambiance was so dark even though it was midday and sunny outside. The service was friendly and efficient and I would not hesitate to give RUS another try next time in the area.


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