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Woksabi – Collingswood, NJ

Woksabi – Collingswood, NJ

The streets of Collingswood are always a treat to stroll with all of their fun shops and eateries. I happened to be there around lunch time and happened to be right in front of Woksabi  (WOK) which I had never been to before. The interior of WOK is very nice and set me at ease with a relaxing vibe that was felt immediately. They had a decent sized crowd for lunch, but everyone seemed to be on a Zen level as it appeared you could hear a pin drop it as it was that peaceful in there. The order of the day would be their sushi lunch platter.


The presentation of the lunch was quite appealing, everything I had to eat had a nice quality and freshness to it, and to top it all off it was very affordable. The service was attentive and friendly and I would definitely recommend giving WOK a try for a decent sushi lunch. WOK caught me by surprise, but they will be in thoughts for another visit and to try a wider array of their offerings next time. They did the basics well and have gained a fan.


Four out of Five Stars

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