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Osaka Sushi Hibachi Steak House – Collingswood, NJ

Osaka Sushi Hibachi Steak House – Collingswood, NJ

When you visit Collingswood, New Jersey, the one thing they really have going for them is for the most part any combination of food you could be in the mood for that day, it is a good probability that you will be able to find it in this town. Now if they could just get a Jamaican restaurant I just might have to move to Collingswood. While strolling around the streets with my two year old son and me not being in the mood for Pop Shop even though I am sure he could never bore of that place, I decided to take a gamble and see if he could sit through an entire meal at Osaka Sushi Hibachi Steak House (OSHSH). The day we visited for lunch they were just opening up, and I figured our best bet to keep him entertained would be with the Hibachi, but was worried I would have to wait for others to arrive as I have encountered at other hibachi restaurants. The friendly staff laughed at me even saying that and loved seeing my son and me wanting to take him in the back for hibachi. I would go with the steak and shrimp hibachi.


They started things off with the usual clear soup. It was better than average and the size of the mushrooms were really nice. My son loved the ladle spoon and enjoyed his soup as well. Once we were finished with soup, the show began. The Chef asked me if I minded if he just focused and performed for my son since no one else was at our table. Since I have seen the hibachi performance more times than I care to remember, I happily agreed and thought that it was a great idea to even ask this way he could really do a good job keeping my son entertained and engaged instead of having to worry what I thought of him. Well the chef put on a show indeed and my son squealed with joy and delight throughout the entire meal preparation, and seeing the flaming onion volcano through the eyes of a child really reminded me of how much we as adults take for granted the small things in life and how hibachi really is an art form of sorts. Well the moment of truth finally arrived and it was time to eat.


OSHSH hit the mark. The shrimp were jumbo sized and cooked to perfection. The steak was medium rare as request and melted in my mouth with the accompanying sauces to dip into, and the veggies were spot on fresh and delicious as was the rice. OSHSH is huge, but the interior is modernly decorated, clean, crisp, and the service was superb. The tastes and flavors at OSHSH are what you expect from hibachi so no surprises in the meal served here. If you want a better than average hibachi experience to bring your friends and family then OSHSH is a good option, and if possible bring a child how has never been to one before and just sit back and enjoy the show.


Four out of Five Stars


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