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Kunkel’s Seafood and Steakhouse – Haddon Heights, NJ

Kunkel’s Seafood and Steakhouse – Haddon Heights, NJ

Driving down the stretch of road called Kings Highway in Camden County starting in Brooklawn until you get to Haddonfield a little place called Kunkel’s Seafood and Steakhouse (KSS) sits. It is very unassuming and really comes out of nowhere since there is not much around them, but once you step inside you are transported to a very nice dining destination. I would stop there for lunch and with the name Seafood and Steakhouse listed, I was looking forward to possibly one or the other. When the menu was handed to me, I chose neither. Their lunch menu only consisted of nine out of the forty-five selections containing a seafood item and out of the nine, seven of them were either an appetizer or salad option. So only five percent of the menu had a seafood entrée, which was even better than the steak option as that had only the filet as its only choice equating to only two percent of the menu. So I went with the Cajun Crusted Pork Loin Sandwich.


Even though I was disappointed at first not seeing many seafood or steaks options, I must admit I really enjoyed my lunch. The meal consisted of Pork loin seasoned with Cajun spices and then slow roasted and served with au jus, topped with roasted red pepper and provolone cheese on toasted ciabatta bread with a side fresh cut potato wedges. The potato wedges were delicious especially dipping them in the au jus, the bread was a perfect match, and the pork was moist, plentiful, and seasoned beautifully. My only complaint would be the roasted red pepper seemed like they came out of a can. It would really be an outstanding sandwich with fresh roasted red peppers or fresh sautéed long hots. The service was friendly, décor may be a little dated, but overall KSS was a pleasant surprise. Unless they add more seafood or steak options, they may just want to be known as Kunkel’s.


Four out of Five Stars


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