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Grace Tavern – Philadelphia, PA

Grace Tavern – Philadelphia, PA

So many areas of Philadelphia have been gentrified that what was old is hip again, and what was hip is now just too expensive to even hang around there anymore. The area around Grace Tavern (GT) is such a place, but thankfully the minute you step inside GT you are warmly welcomed and able to enjoy yourself without emptying your wallet. On my visit I would go with a tavern favorite of mine, burger and fries.


My order was for the Kennett Square burger with sharp cheddar and sautéed Kennett Square mushrooms and it did not disappoint. I am not saying that they have one of the best burgers in Philly, but what GT does have is a decent incarnation of one and one heck of a tasty order of fries that went along with my meal at a very affordable price and service with a smile. GT is not as new or fancy as some places, but they got the job done and my belly was much happier when I was done.


Three and half stars out of Five


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