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Tiffin – Cherry Hill, NJ

Tiffin – Cherry Hill, NJ


I find that great service goes a long way. Great service and good food go even further. I enjoy dining with my wife and three-year-old son. Some establishments I can see the hostess, server, or owner cringe when they see a toddler walk through the door. Others such as Tiffin embrace it. The staff as Tiffin was not only impressed with my son’s palate, they treated him like family and made sure he enjoyed himself and felt right at home. That alone would make me want to go to Tiffin again, but thankfully Tiffin served up some pretty good food as well.

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I would be served fish kali mirch which was tilapia marinated with crushed black pepper and fried, garlic naan, and lamb roganjosh which was cubes of lamb leg cooked with spinach, spices, and herbs. Tiffin’s food was not the best Indian food in the area, but they held their own, were very affordable, and were the first Indian restaurant that embraced a family dining atmosphere that I have dined at. A decent meal that the whole family can enjoy is hard to come by, and I commend Tiffin for being able to deliver.


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