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Abby’s Café – Pennsauken, NJ

Abby’s Café – Pennsauken, NJ

Cooper River Park has had a dramatic transformation with a fancy new restaurant, running trials, bridge, dredging of the water, ice rink in the winter, and more. I decided one morning to try Abby’s Café (AC) for breakfast. The area surrounding AC may be up and coming, but AC seemed a little behind the advances. The gentleman behind the counter could not have been nicer with a bubbly personality and extrememly friendly and welcoming, but the food was surprise for me.


I would go with bacon, egg and cheese on rye. The eggs were cooked on an electric griddle that was giving some problems and took longer than desired, but the real downfall came when the sandwich was topped with prepackaged bacon out of a box sitting on the counter. It was such a shame as AC is now sitting on prime real estate in my mind with all of the new happenings going on a Cooper River Park and the man behind the counter was nice as pie and outgoing, but location and charm only go so far with me. Hopefully something can be done to upgrade the cooking method and use more fresh ingredients, and if so, AC could be a breakfast destination to the new crowds coming to the area.


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