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Schileens Pub – Westville, NJ

Schileens Pub – Westville, NJ

You can drive through the tiny town of Westville, New Jersey so fast that if you blink once, you may have missed the entire town on your journey. Well I am here to tell you that when you are getting near this mini-municipality you may want to keep your eyes open to see the sign for Schileens Pub (SP) and turn in and enjoy some of the best roast beef sandwiches in South Jersey.


They bring out some fresh hand cut roast beef on a perfectly puffy Kaiser roll with American cheese and delicious Au jus on the side. The sign outside SP at times keeps a tab on the number of roast beef sandwiches that have been sold there, which numbers in the hundreds of thousands, and after you have one you can see why they have sold so many and then wonder why the number sold is not in the millions, because I could have eaten ten of them by myself. They are that good.

The service was quick and efficient, and they are certainly a close knit neighborhood pub as the majority of patrons were welcomed on a first name basis. Their motto is “There are no strangers here, Just friends that never met yet” and I certainly felt that way the day I visited and left happier than I arrived.


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