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David’s Mai Lai Wah – Philadelphia, PA

David’s Mai Lai Wah – Philadelphia, PA

There are so many great places to eat in and around Philadelphia, yet Philly Chinatown always draws me in. For my next destination it would be to David’s Mai Lai Wah (DMLW) which has been known to have Iron Chef Jose Garces dine there many times and has been named by Esquire Magazine as the Best Late Night Restaurant in America as DMLW is open until 3am. I was hungry and gave DMLW a quick visit for what else, a late night snack to go.


I would have a simple order of pork fried rice which was very nice and one of the better versions of this dish in Chinatown, and their Salt and Pepper chicken wings which were tasty as well, but not the best around, but very good for a place that serves you late at night. DMLW is a decent location with friendly service, a diverse menu and bar if you want something to drink, as well as being one of the best options around to dine late night, so I can see why so many celebrities dined here since they tend to live a later lifestyle and the awards are well deserved.


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