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J J Bootleggers – (Old City) Philadelphia, PA

J J Bootleggers – (Old City) Philadelphia, PA

There are only some many ways to make a cheesesteak. Well J J Bootleggers (JJ) thought it could differentiate themselves by making it theirs with moonshine mixed in. JJ’s is a huge dining establishment with a sort of Western feel to it with friendly service, and plenty of drinking options in the alcohol category. Getting back to my meal, it would be cheesesteak wit moonshine, American cheese, fried onions and fries. The fries were very good and the cheesesteak was good as well, it just did not do anything special for me to think I had anything more than a regular cheesesteak that was chopped a bit too fine for my tastes. I liked JJ’s theme, slightly above average food, and friendly service. If you are a Western fan, this place would really resonate with you.


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