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01-28-18 Small Bites with Glenn Gross and Derek Timm of



Our bad – SORRY 🙁 We sincerely apologize to our guests and to all of our fans for the mishap of the show not going on as planned. It’s the first time this has happened, and we assure you it is not something we hope to ever have to happen again. Derek was sick, the Wildfire Radio studios had a water main burst flooding out 2 of the 3 studios and the main studio was broadcasting Dei Lynam’s great show “Dei Tales” about all things basketball NBA/NCAA which created us to have to cancel the show due to timing and technical difficulties. Well we are humbled that all of the guests are able to reschedule and lets try to do this shindig again this Sunday, January 28th at our normal show time LIVE at 635pm. So, Small Bites with Glenn Gross and Derek Timm of will be LIVE Sunday, January 28th at 635pm on – Hey the good news out of yesterday is that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to the NFL Minnesota Super Bowl 2018!!!!! #FlyEaglesFly

Derek will away this week as he will be at WWE Royal Rumble, but in his place will be Chef Christina Martin CookingtoNourish to keep everyone in line and it’s going to be a great show. We are thrilled to welcome Moshulu Executive Chef Anthony Bonett who is a U.S. Navy veteran that served aboard the aircraft carrier USS Forrestal. A second generation lifelong Philadelphian, Chef Anthony Bonett took an exciting road to his present position as Executive Chef of the Moshulu Restaurant and Bar. Throughout his culinary career Chef Bonett has developed a signature style that emphasizes fresh, seasonal ingredients to create fantastic dishes from the traditional to the more exotic. Throughout his twenty-year career in Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs; Chef Bonett has worked and headed the kitchens of some of Philadelphia’s most iconic restaurants. Chef Bonett has also been invited to cook at the prestigious James Beard Foundation House in New York on two separate occasions. The “legendary” Moshulu is indeed the world’s oldest and largest square rigged sailing vessel still afloat. It was restored and became a museum-restaurant. It is in fact the one and only restaurant venue on a Tall Ship today in the World. Moshulu has also appeared in movies. The Moshulu was seen in the movie Rocky and in The Godfather Part II as well as in the end scene of the movie Blow Out.

Also a U.S. Navy veteran we are happy to welcome Cade Courtley a retired American television host, actor, and a former US NAVY SEALs. He started his show business career with a call from Producer Mark Burnett who is now President of MGM Studios Television and Digital Group to appear on a new TV series Combat Missions (2002). Then he was the host of Spike tv’s and Discovery Channel’s show Surviving disaster and The Sportsman Channel’s America Unplugged. He was also the author of a book, entitled “SEAL Survival Guide: A Navy SEAL’s Secrets to Surviving Any Disaster” (Gallery Books) and appeared on Shark Tank As a former Navy SEAL he and his teammates operated in some of the most hazardous places on the planet. And no matter how dangerous or miserable the situation was; like those who served before them, they always had that warm cup of coffee. That became their sanctuary. It’s this simple act of enjoying a great cup of coffee that “his team” wants to share with you. Regardless of the challenges that lay ahead – you’ll know you started your day the right way with his latest endeavor Victory Coffees. Victory Coffees delivers 5-Star award winning coffee (whole bean, ground, or single cup pods) to your home or business every month. They pride themselves on being a veteran owned and operated squadron that stands behind their quality and customer service. Trust them when they say a good cup of coffee was often the best part of their day. Let them share that with you. So have a 5-Star Coffee delivered, and yes – it tastes AMAZING!

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No stranger to television, we are excited to talk to a culinary kid wizard Chef Elliott Wakefield who is appearing on the January 29th episode of Stove Tots a kids cooking competition on FYI Television Network with his mother. Hailing from McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania; Chef Elliott has been cooking since he was 3 years old. He also has appeared on Food Network show Chopped Junior episode “The Curd is the Word” with judges Billy Gardell, Chef Marcela Valladolid, and Geoffrey Zakarian. Chef Elliott was sous chef to Chef Justin Rexroad at Culinary Fight Club’s Boston event and then went on to win Amazing Culinary Fight Club Pantry Race – Kids Edition in Chicago this past September 2017. Before outgrowing his peanut allergy, Elliott’s food exploration was limited. To fill the void, his mother, Robin Hann Wakefield who also appears on Stove Tots with Chef Elliott and runs Facebook page The Food Hag, pulled him into the kitchen to educate him on the complex and wonderful ways he could enjoy the world at the same time being aware of his limitations regarding the allergy. At 8 years old Elliott out grew the allergy and has been making up for lost time. Elliott loves Asian fusion! His favorite hobby is traveling the country looking for uniquely tweaked dishes that push all boundaries of the culinary rules. Elliott transforms his travel experiences into his kitchen to create unique spins on dishes of his own and shares on all of this on his Facebook page Elliott Eats.

Then joining us will be Cynthia Stevens Graubart a James Beard Award-winning cookbook author and contributor to Southern Living magazine. She travels the South, inspiring cooks through her appearances on radio, television and her popular cooking classes. Cynthia is passionate about food—from researching its origins, writing recipes, and teaching technique to bringing families together at the table. Her latest cookbook, organized in five distinct chapters “SUNDAY SUPPERS” (Time Inc. Books) is designed to help you create delicious meals without too much muss and fuss. This new full-color cookbook will revitalize the iconic Southern Sunday meal, inspired by suppers of the past and present. Whether the plan is a small family gathering, a feast for a crowd, or a summer afternoon cookout, readers will find 52 inspired menus with classic Southern flair for a year of Sunday suppers. Cynthia Graubart lives in Atlanta, GA, with her husband. Find her on Instagram and Twitter (@cynthiagraubart).

Small Bites Radio correspondent Actor John DiRenzo will also be helping in studio with his valuable insight and experience in the culinary world and also be sure to catch him on QVC selling the high quality Copper Chef products.

You say you STILL NEED MORE!!! Don’t forget we still have our regular weekly segments from Courier-Post nightlife correspondent and The New York Times recognized John Howard-Fusco for his news of the week and please remember that John’s book “A Culinary History of Cape May: Salt Oysters, Beach Plums & Cabernet Franc” from Arcadia Publishing The History Press is now available to buy, Chef Barbie Marshall who is a Chef Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen Season 10 finalist and appeared on Season 17 of FOX Hell’s Kitchen #AllStars, and Chef Barbie was named Pennsylvania’s most influential chef by Cooking Light will delight us with her tip of the week, and a joke of the week from legendary joke teller Jackie Martling of The Howard Stern Show fame and Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling with his autobiography “The Joke Man: Bow to Stern” from Post Hill Press with foreword by Artie Lange available to order on Fat Jack’s BBQ and hope you will TuneIn worldwide or catch the following day on iTunes or Player FM.

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