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Umi Sushi Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar – Somerdale, NJ

Umi Sushi Japanese Restaurant and Sake Bar – Somerdale, NJ

This place is quiet an experience with delicious food, impeccable service, and really nice ambiance. Below is an an amazing meal I enjoyed there. I had miso soup, pan fried pork dumplings, grilled bbq squid, crispy spring roll, G-W ROLL Lobster tempura with apple, mango inside, all tuna on top, SWEET HEART ROLL with Spicy sweet shrimp inside with crunch, white fish tempura and mango wrapped with soy paper, chicken teriyaki,  SCOTT ROLL with Eel avocado inside,searl white tuna and seared scallop on top, unagi sushi, king crab sushi, maguro sushi, and MOCHI pounded sticky rice with vanilla ice cream filling.

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