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Coffee Corner – Gloucester City, NJ

Coffee Corner – Gloucester City, NJ

The other day at breakfast I saw John Wayne, Clark Gable, Betty Davis, Dean Martin, and George Burns. They all seemed nice enough, but I was much too busy to pay any attention to them. My lips were all over Mickey Rooney.

Sound hard to believe? Not at Coffee Corner (CC) whose claim to fame is where you will enjoy “breakfast of the stars”.

coffee corner outside

CC established in 1987 by Mike and Lisa Galardi has a famous name for each menu option. My order of Mickey Rooney consisted of two eggs, pork roll, peppers, and onions on a soft fresh kaiser roll for only three dollars.

coffee corner sand

CC sits at the intersection of Broadway and Market Street in Gloucester City with two gas stations next door. As such, CC is perfectly situated for locals to patronize, yet still centrically located enough for morning Philadelphia bound commuters to make a quick fuel stop before crossing the bridge to higher gas prices while grabbing something for breakfast at CC.

Those of you familiar with my reviews know that I do not rate breakfast. What I can tell you though, is that CC is a good and affordable breakfast destination with plenty of parking and a newspaper box available to grab one on the go to compliment your meal. So enjoy and afterwards brag to your friends how you had breakfast with the stars.