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There’s a party in my yummy

Fai’s Chinese Restaurant

This is part of the Supper With Sebastian series. The tastes of a 6 year old known as “The King of The Kids Menu”.

Fai’s is located at 2518 Route 9 in Ocean View NJ

I like to eat a lot of chinese food! Whenever I get the chance, I like to order the Sweet n Sour chicken from Fai’s Chinese Restaurant in Ocean View, NJ. It makes me think of Yo Gabba Gabba…”There’s a party in my yummy”. I believe that Fai’s has a magic wand that they use to create the perfect coating for this chicken. The sauce that they use is great for dipping the chicken, but my favorite part is stirring this same sauce into the rice. Eating Sweet N Sour Chicken from Fai’s Chinese Restaurant is the best way to start the night off before heading to the boardwalk for riding roller coasters. My Dad makes me wait at least 30 minutes before I ride anything but it’s worth the wait! They have 3 giant fish in a tank that swim around and look scary. Try Fai’s sometime. Maybe I will see you there!

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