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Super Bowl 2013 Winner

Angelo’s Pizza – Audubon, NJ

So with Super Bowl 47 around the corner featuring the Baltimore Ravens VS San Francisco 49ers I was wondering how can could Philadelphians get ready since our beloved Eagles are not playing this year again. The matchup is offering a brother versus brother for the first time with the Harbaugh brothers, and we are the city of Brotherly Love, but couldn’t think of anything to go on with that. Baltimore does sport a raven as the team logo which is in the bird family, just like eagles, but that is a stretch and I do not know anyone who cooks ravens around here.

The story locally has been about a somewhat local Philadelphia boy done well, Joe Flacco who played for the Delaware Blue Hens, and hails from Audubon, New Jersey. So I decided to go on a field trip to check out his hometown. It is a sleepy little hamlet, with its main street called Merchant Street is only one block long, but it seems like a nice place to grow up, play football, and raise a family. I was told that Joe would frequent a pizzeria called Angelo’s Pizza located directly across the street from a very homely and family friendly coffee spot called The Treehouse Coffee Shop.


The pizza was fresh, evenly cooked, nice ratio of sauce and cheese, and delicious. The interior could use a little freshening up as the place seems a little out dated, but the gentleman behind the counter could not have been nicer and happy to serve his goods. If this is truly where Joe would get a nice pizza, while preparing himself for the following weeks football games, I will be sending a few pies to the Philadelphia Eagles new coach Chip Kelly and ask him to serve them to whoever they bring in for quarterback next year, and hopefully lightning can strike twice from Angelo’s for a Super Bowl contending team and quarterback we can all get behind and cheer for.

I am not giving stars for this review. I will say the pizza was above average. Not the best I ever had, but well worth the trip, while getting into a Super Bowl state of mind.

Would I go here again? Sure if I’m in the area and looking for pizza, it hit all the right notes you look for from a local pizza shop.

In the mood to make your Super Bowl party special? Then order a few pies from Angelo’s, check out Joe’s hometown, buy a Flacco jersey, and be the talk of the party with your own adventure story like mine.

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