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Fusion Bay – Collingswood, NJ

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Fusion Bay – Collingswood, NJ

Fusion Bay (FB) is a mash-up of Asian cuisine. Sitting on the main strip of Collingswood, New Jersey Haddon Ave otherwise known as restaurant row, FB is slightly difficult to walk into. FB shares the same exact entrance as another restaurant and some confusion sets in as to which door to enter. Once inside though, FB has a nice calm and relaxing feel to them. The service was very friendly and attentive at all times and decor is simple, but works nicely for them.

I started out with a Passion Fruit Bubble Tea that was a tasty way to get things started. Next up was an order of Lemongrass Chicken Wings. This wings were some of the best I have eaten in long time cooked with an Asian flair. The lemongrass blend was just perfect, but dipping the wings in the sauce provided is a must. If you just eat the wings without the sauce, you may be disappointed, but Asian food a lot of times is about having a perfect balance of sweet, salty, spicy, with a balance in color, flavors, and textures. Without using the dip you will miss out on a great appetizer.

f drink


The menu offered Shanghai Soup Dumplings that are not offered at many places. The dumplings were good, but I have had much better. They were a little dry not only on the outside, but also in the inside of the dumpling thus missing the mark on it being a soup dumpling. FB seems to offer a lot of different styles under one roof, so even though the dumplings were not the best, I can really see FB shining by having large parties eat here and having a little bit of everything for everyone.


To finish things off was the Teriyaki Salmon. The carrots and broccoli were nice and crisp and steamed just right. The salmon portion size was generous, unfortunately overcooked as well, but the teriyaki glaze was just the right amount. The glaze did not overpower the fish while providing a nice teriyaki flavor with each bite.


FB it seems it could be the jack of all trades Asian, but the master of none. I like how varied their menu is, but maybe they would be a little better suited if they focused only on one genre. As I mentioned, if you are eating with a few people and are looking for a location to have many different options with a quality product, FB is a good fit. FB is above average, but not a game changer. If you have a craving for something in particular, FB may not be the place for you, but I can tell you that you will not be disappointed if you eat at FB.

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