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Aunt Berta’s Kitchen – Oaklyn, NJ

This is a review that got lost in the shuffle. Aunt Berta’s Kitchen was called upon to cater for a Wrestlemania 29 viewing party. The person holding the party wanted good food at reasonable prices and stumbled on Aunt Berta’s Kitchen (ABK) at a previous get together of friends and family that ABK catered and I was lucky enough to be invited to their party that ABK catered for them. The order of the day was sixty-four pieces of fried chicken and a large tray of mac and cheese and cabbage.  (Note: in picture is only thirty-two of the sixty-four pieces)

aunt berta

ABK is owned and operated by Alberta Ferebee who has enjoyed cooking for others since childhood. She started her career in the culinary world as a dishwasher in an Italian restaurant and worked hard until finally reaching head cook. She learned how to run a business through her management skills picked up from being a food service supervisor as well during her storied career, until she finally opened up ABK in Oaklyn, NJ and has another ABK to opening in the Berlin Farmers Market in the very near future.

Now this review will be a little different since only the food is the only factor, but what ABK provided was phenomenal. The chicken was plump and juicy throughout while having a beautifully seasoned crisp  skin surrounding each piece. The flavors were just right in every bite while not being dried out like fried chicken I have had at many other places. The cabbage was soft with vivid tones of sweetness bypassing that cabbage taste most people do not like, but should have been drained just a little more as the tray was filled with liquid. The mac and cheese was creamy in each bite with a hardened top layer while providing a delicate balance of cheeses mixed in and I can see why ABK has been invited to the Food Bank of South Jersey Mac and Cheese cook-off numerous times.  Not one person at the party went home hungry or disappointed and the amount of food ordered was plenty for over twenty people as there was even a tiny amount of food left over. I do not know how the service and experience would be eating at ABK’s actual location, but what I do know is that ABK provided one heck of an affordable catered event for all to have.


Four out of Five Stars

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