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La Esquina Del Bronco – Philadelphia, PA

La Esquina Del Bronco – Philadelphia, PA

Sitting just a few blocks from the Market-Frankford Septa EL Dauphin/York Street station is La Esquina Del Bronco (LEDB). The inside of LEDB is very subdued compared to the craziness on their steps. LEDB sits in a rough part of town and having the local boys hanging around their front step with the intentions of doing nothing to support the betterment of society I am sure is a deterrent to many would be patrons of LEDB.

The service was very friendly even with their limited English capabilities, all areas seemed clean, and it had a nice vibe with the music at the perfect level unlike other Spanish restaurants I have visited.

I ordered the stewed chicken. The meat just feel apart with each fork poke, the rice was seasoned nicely, and the salad provided looked crisp and fresh. LEDB is providing meals it seems like someone’s grandmother used to make. You feel like you are eating at their house with dishes that have been handed down for generations.


At LEDB they are not serving the best Spanish food I have had in Philadelphia or breaking any new barriers in the food frontier, but what they did serve was more than adequate to quench my thirst for Spanish food that day. It was a successful visit and all of this was provided for only six dollars.

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