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Nom Nom Ramen – Philadelphia, PA

Nom Nom Ramen – Philadelphia, PA

With the cold weather coming back to meet us again, what better way to warm up then with a bowl of steaming goodness. Looking past the normal option of soup, I stumble into Nom Nom Ramen (NNR) who in their own words offer “Authentic Hakata Style Tonkotsu Ramen in Philadelphia! A masterful bowl whose superior ingredients and magnificent, robust flavor would truly stand out for you to savor to the last slurp!”.

I ordered the Shoyu version of their ramen in which soy sauce is infused in their tonkotsu broth that is produced by them boiling pork bones for more than twenty-four hours, and topping it off by adding their Hakata style noodles, chashu pork belly, bamboo, kikurage mushrooms, naruto (cured fished cake), and seaweed. Below is the before and after broth pictures.

nom nom b4


nom nom after


The space holding NNR is just a tiny little location, but it has quite a nice bit of charm to it. The staff was extremely helpful, especially since I am a ramen beginner, and the menu is pretty straightforward after you get a hang of how things operate at NNR.

The flavor was amazing with my fist spoonful. The mix of each and every ingredient is evident in each serving, and the profile of the bowl changed while eating as everything starting permeating together beautifully. The portion of each item was spot on, as I thought their were just enough of everything to create a well balanced meal.

If this is what I can expect from ramen each time I eat it, then I have been missing out on this culinary treasure for way too long. I must admit though, I am not a fan of a lot of soups or soupy things, so I have to be in the mood for eating this type of meal. What I will say is, that when I have an itch for tomato soup and grilled cheese, I know that I want Campbell Soup version of tomato soup and their version only. I may have just begun my journey into the ramen world, but with what NNR provided when I have that itch for ramen, I have a feeling I will be looking exactly for what NNR served me again.

Four out of Five Stars

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