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Luke’s Lobster – Philadelphia, PA

Luke’s Lobster – Philadelphia, PA

Lobster roll is not something you think of when dining in and
around Philadelphia. The New England area is more what comes to
mind, but Luke’s Lobster (LL) by way of New York City not New
England wants you to think otherwise. Order of the day would be
none other than you guessed it, Lobster Roll with a side of chips.

Luke's Lobster


LL’s lobster roll is hands down one of the best I have had outside
of the New England area and far and away the best I have ever had
at a chain restaurant. Albeit they are on the small end of being a
chain restaurant with only eleven locations. They are a chain

The roll was perfect and grilled just like you want. The lobster
meat was varied between claw, knuckle, and tail with a decent
amount of meat provided with the lemon butter drizzled throughout
and just the right combination of seasonings highlighting its
flavor profile, while still allowing the lobster meat to shine.

LL was not cheap to eat at by any means, but lobster is not cheap
anywhere you want to eat it at. Eating at LL is not something you
could do on a daily basis and not go broke, but LL sure is a nice
place to treat yourself to one of the finest lobster rolls around
every now and again. The service was friendly and the decor is
cute in its fisherman style. I just wonder with all of the menu
items being on the higher end of prices, maybe they could throw a
few cheap options on there as well for a friend who comes with you
and doesn’t want to shell out twenty dollars for lunch or does not
like seafood.

Four out of Five Stars

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