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Terra Nova Restaurant and Wine Bar – Sewell, NJ

Terra Nova Restaurant and Wine Bar – Sewell, NJ

Terra Nova (TN) feels more like three restaurants in one, especially with how large they are and how many room are in TN, than one cohesive establishment. The menu is almost exhausting to read with everything from soups, salads, Italian dishes, all the way to sushi, and a heavy influx of wine selections.

I started out with the Onion Soup with roasted garlic and gruyere. Now this is not French Onion Soup even though it closely looks like it and has the same setup and texture, but the flavor profile is slightly different and a nice change of pace. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to start your meal off with.

terra nova onion soup

Next was the Bang-Bang Tempura Shrimp. Ringing in at $13 it was a little disappointing to only get four regular sized shrimp on the dish. The shrimp were lightly battered covered in a sweet and chili sauce. The sauce was nice, but the shrimp could have been a little more numerous or larger in size in my opinion and sadly they were slightly overcooked creating a minor rubbery effect on the shrimp.

terra nova bang shrimp

For the main course I went with the Pan Seared Diver Scallops. It was displayed on the menu as having crab, leek and potato hash, and haricot vert (green beans). What it did not state was it coming out served like a soup. The scallops were decent as was the amount of crab meat served, but the plating was horrendous as was the amount of liquid making my meal float. The entire dish had a singular flavor since everything else was drowned out by the cream sauce covering the dish as well as well as a massive amount of potatoes served. They really need to review what they want this dish to be and execute it a little better.

terra nova scallops
To finish things off was your standard creme brulee. It was a nice way to finish the night, but was they did not do anything to enhance it out of the ordinary.

terra nova creme brulee

TN had their share of ups and downs. It was not a perfect meal at TN, but it was by far not terrible either. The experience I had at TN seems to suggest they would be a nice place for group outings, but not somewhere I would call a must go to location. The menu may need an overhaul and the kitchen could use some help sending out plates to look a little more appeasing and not so soupy.

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