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Mario Cerrito presents “Evening with the Masters”

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(The following is a special series on written by guest contributing writer Mario Cerrito. He is an accomplished director, actor, screen writer, and author. His latest movie “Deadly Gamble” is being release this summer CLICK HERE for more info and he has just started production as director of his latest film “The Stall”. Hope you enjoy his perspective on all things food and drink.)

Being asked to cover the event “Evening with the Masters”, by the Derek Timm aka The BlueJean Food Critic was an honor. Instantly I knew that I was going to be surrounded by tasty meals and an overall great time. The event held on Friday May, 25th by Meals on Wheels in Wilmington, Delaware at the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel absolutely exceeded my expectations. I was accompanied by my beautiful girlfriend and the night was spectacular. Upon arrival, we were greeted by friendly staff members and showed where the event was being held. Our first stop was into the beer garden to try out some craft brews. Personally, I am a rather simple beer drinker myself, but trying some different beers was refreshing. Some of them were not what I would go to the store and buy for myself, but great for a tasting. The anticipation of seeing the rest of the event had my girlfriend demanding we go into the main room where the wine and vodka were, and we all know wine and vodka are a woman’s best friend.

movie vodka

We made our way into the main room where it was packed. People were dressed to impress and it had an overall good vibe to it. There were tables set up everywhere around the big room and a live disc jockey spinning some quality tunes, making the room upbeat. Saving my appetite all day for this event, I couldn’t wait to dig in. The tables were set up next to each other and each had their display of the foods they were presenting for the evening. I was pretty sure that these talented chefs were giving their best shot tonight and who was I to say no.

The first table my girlfriend spotted was a table that had about 5 huge vodka bottles on it. The company name was American Harvest. The vodka happened to be organic which I thought was pretty unique. I do like vodka but usually when it is mixed with something else. This company was serving it straight without any mixer which I thought was strange at first but after I tried it I understood just why they were doing it. It was some of the smoothest, cleanest vodka I had ever tried in my entire life that needed no mixer at all. It went down as easy as water. Their was no kick in it whatsoever. I highly recommend American Harvest to any vodka drinker. In the near future I can see American Harvest being the top shelf in bars and high-end clubs.

american harvest

The next stop we made while wandering around the amazing setup was Tutto Fresco. Tutto Fresco is an Italian eatery located on Philadelphia Avenue in downtown Wilmington Delaware. Since I am Italian, I knew that this spot would be one of my favorites of the night. They served us some homemade gnocchi. Gnocchi has always been a personal favorite of mine and with the homemade sauce of Tutto Fresco it put it out of this world. The sauce was made just the way I like it with a hint of garlic and fresh basil. The gnocchi was perfect as well. Some places tend to not cook them long enough, but Tutto Fresco did them just the way I prefer them. The owners were very friendly and I vowed to visit their restaurant next time I was in Wilmington.

Overall the night was a great experience, from the atmosphere to the food it was an event that I  more people need to come out to attend and support this fantastic organization Meals On Wheels Delaware. I am very thankful and gracious to have had the opportunity to attend this event and hopefully get to go back next year. If anyone is on the fence about whether they should go or not I hope they take my advice and climb the fence. Get out to “Evening with the Masters” and experience the same greatness I did.

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