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Belinda’s Lunch Bus – Camden, NJ

Belinda’s Lunch Bus – Camden, NJ


Sitting on a sidewalk across from the South Jersey Port Corporation in Camden, New Jersey that has definitely seen better days is Belinda’s Lunch Bus (BLB). If and when I would have a reason to divert through this area to get on Interstate 676, BLB always intrigued me. I decided to stop in and get a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a bagel.

bus sandwich

The inside of BLB is somewhat amazing with the transformation as they were able to turn an old school bus into a quasi-diner. They have a television to watch, a long table and chairs on the driver side of bus, drink and condiment station on passenger side of the bus, counter in the middle of the bus, and kitchen taking up the entire rear. The interior of the bus is very clean and immaculate and the two women working that day could not have been nicer to the crowd waiting, which you could tell had a lot of regulars as each person knew each other by name. The bus was packed with patrons and tractor trailers surrounding it on both sides of the road waiting to get in or leaving the port. I called my order in twenty minutes before arrival, but sadly still had to wait another fifteen minutes before my order was ready. I do not rate breakfast, but what I can tell you is that my sandwich was delicious, bacon crisp the way I like, and felt welcome at BLB. You may have to wait quite a while to get what you came for, but you will as least hear the news of the day in and around the port while you are there.

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