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Iron Hill Brewery – Maple Shade, NJ

Iron Hill Brewery – Maple Shade, NJ

Situated a little off the main roads sits Iron Hill Brewery (IHB). It was a zig-zag of roads it seemed to get there, and their sign popped out of nowhere. Once inside the place is gigantic. It is a good thing as a large crowd was already there and they were hopping for lunch service. I can only imagine what happy hour or the weekends look like at IHB. It is no secret IHB’s big draw is beer, but I came here to eat, was with my toddler aged son, and for his mother to approve of this lunch I did not think drinking would be advisable having to drive him home. After a brief overview of IHB from the bubbly server, the order of the day would be their House Smoked Pork Sandwich.

iron hill

The pork sandwich consisted of hickory smoked pulled pork with St. Louis style barbeque sauce on a toasted bun. I must admit that I was not expecting much, and was pleasantly surprised. The pork was moist, not chewy in the least, and had a nice even consistency throughout while the sauce really enhanced and was a joy to eat. The fries were above average, cooked perfectly, and portion size was not an issue in the least.

One of the things that surprised me the most about my visit to IHB was the amount of children present. I second guessed bringing my son there, but once inside they treated him like a rock star, provided him with his own crayon set to keep, and they have one of the best children’s menus I have seen around at a very affordable price.

This was my first time to any IHB as they have many locations, but it will certainly not be my last. They have intrigued me with their menu, quality, fast and friendly service, and most importantly their unique beer selection which I will try next time without bringing the little guy with me.


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