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Luigi’s Pizza Fresca, Philadelphia, PA

Luigi’s Pizza Fresca, Philadelphia, PA

The Fairmount area of Philadelphia is really a nice area to spend an evening. With the skyline of the city to view, the amazing Eastern State Penitentiary to visit, and many dining options available there is a little bit of everything for everyone. While the options are many for restaurants, sometimes you just want something a little lighter and quick and that is why I visited Luigi’s Pizza Fresca (LPF). This is one of three locations for LPF with the other two in New Jersey, and if the crowd at this location is any indicator, they are very poplar and I would not be surprised to see more locations in the very near future. My order would be for a Chicken Parmigiana Panini.


What I really enjoyed about LPF was the dishes of free pizza slices sitting on the counter available to eat while you waited for your order. This is a nice touch and wish more places were as accommodating and welcoming. What I did not like, was the decibel level of the music playing felt more like I was in a night club then a dining establishment. The décor is basic with many articles in different media outlets about LPF adjourning the walls, but overall gave the place a comfortable atmosphere provided the music is not blaring. The Chicken Parmigiana Panini was basic your variety, but good and a decent sized portion. The Panini added an element above a normal sandwich and it was a nice change of pace. LPF is a step above your normal pizza parlor in terms of ambiance and food offerings and a perfect fit for what I was looking for that day and I would not hesitate to go back and try some of their other selections as well.


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