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Irish Pub – 1123 Walnut location – Philadelphia, PA

Irish Pub – 1123 Walnut location – Philadelphia, PA

Before or after an event or performance, sometimes you just want to eat something familiar and have a few adult beverages to top it all off. Well the Irish Pub (IP) with two Philadelphia locations and an outpost in Atlantic City offer just that. You are not going to be surprised by anything on the menu, décor, or the random loud patron drinking at the bar. IP’s 11th and Walnut location is centrally located to many of Philadelphia’s theatre houses and had a mix of customers ranging from people coming or going to a show, tourists happy to find an Irish pub as a safe haven, and IP regulars. The order of the day would be a roast beef sandwich.

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The meal was thin sliced roast beef on a roll with melted provolone cheese, caramelized onions, au jus on the side, and served with steak fries. I was happy to see IP holding true to pub fare with the steak fries and not selling their soul for the much cheaper variety of fries available on the market. I took the liberty of pouring some of the au jus over the fries to flavor them up even though the portion size of fries was light. The onions were cooked just right, the roll held up well, and the roast beef was nice for what was placed in the sandwich. I say that because again with portion size, it had to be one of the smallest servings of roast beef I have ever had in a sandwich. The meat filled less than half of one side of the roll and barely a quarter of the other side. What I was served was better than average, I just wish I received a full sized meal. I know small plates are all of the rage in the restaurant industry lately, I only request I am forewarned if I am getting one. The staff was very friendly, gracious, and accommodating and I would have no problems visiting IP again even with a group of friends for a place to finish the night and so should you.


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