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Indian Restaurant – Philadelphia, PA

Indian Restaurant – Philadelphia, PA

Bob asks a friend “Have you been to the Indian Restaurant”, to which his friend responds “which Indian restaurant”, Bob replies “The Indian Restaurant”. This who’s on first – what is on second scenario I am sure has very easily happened more than once with such a generic name as Indian Restaurant (IR) which sits on the 1600 block of South Street in Philadelphia. With their name lacking pizazz I was hoping their food would have some with a lunch time stop at IR for their chicken Tandoori box.


The interior of IR is as generic as their name. They had nothing to set them apart which is such a shame with the bright colors and art in Indian Culture. The service was very friendly, but a tad on the slow side for the food to appear. The Tandoori box consisted of chicken tikka, chickpeas, basmatic rice, and naan. It was a solid lunch overall, but again at no point did the meal stand out on its own in any manner and the chicken was a little dry. IR had friendly service, a hearty sized portion for lunch, and very affordable. They just need to do a few things to stand out from the pack.


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